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Student Spotlight: Indira Djambaeva

August 24, 2021
Students from all over the globe are using WorldQuant University’s 100% online programs to develop in-demand skills to accelerate their careers. Here’s one of their stories.
Student Spotlight: Indira DjamboevaStudent Spotlight: Indira Djamboeva

As a trusted project manager for a financial institution, Indira Djambaeva was already interested in data science and machine learning before an ad for WorldQuant University's free, online program caught her eye. In fact, an interest in pursuing an advanced degree in the United States started from a young age, and she’s found that WorldQuant University’s online programs are able to give her access to world-class training and an engaged global cohort of like-minded students seeking to level-up their careers.

Like other students at WorldQuant University, Indira works hard to balance her studies with life outside of the virtual classroom, and her project management skills have given her a leg up when it comes to managing and scheduling her own time. While juggling three or more simultaneous projects, she has had to pass up other activities in her life outside of school, but she was more than happy to keep pushing ahead in her studies. As she told us, “studying at WorldQuant University was not always easy, but it was always engrossing.”

Beyond the day-to-day coursework, her favorite part of the MScFE program is getting to explore new software programs, working through problems, and getting into the details of project-based work. Throughout her studies, she continues to build lasting connections to other learners in the MScFE program, a network she will continue to grow with as she pursues her dreams of working on finance-related projects for the larger benefit of society.

After completing her MSc in Financial Engineering, she hopes to transition to portfolio management work while using her newly gained knowledge in finance, but she’s also interested in building projects for the public good, especially around government finance. As she transitions to her next phase of work, she is certain that she wants to connect with others to build world-class projects that benefit humanity at large.

The student journey for Indira continues, but she is well on her way to building her future dream role. As a reminder for prospective and current students on a similar journey, she tells us that “if you get tired, think about the ultimate goal. With every minute you study, you are one step closer to your success.”

To learn more about WorldQuant University’s MScFE program, visit the program page.

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