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Worldquant University

Talent is Global, Opportunity is Not.

WorldQuant University recognizes the power of partnerships and seeks to collaborate for outsized impact.
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Striving to develop an effective partner ecosystem that will build more prosperous and inclusive economies through individual growth and opportunity is fundamental to WQU’s mission.

Students, alumni, faculty, and partners support each other on a journey of lifelong quant and tech learning.

WorldQuant University enables qualified students from across the globe to grow their tech and quant skills free of cost through purpose-built online offerings.

Its community of agile, tenacious, and adaptable students is taking advantage of challenging and innovative offerings to prepare for high-impact careers.

WorldQuant University has positively impacted 14,000 lives and counting.

Your partnership can change the lives of many more.

A Global Model for Education

STEM education focuses on solving real-world problems with math and science. WorldQuant University takes that a step further. We think critically and collaborate with people from other cultures. You learn to think flexibly and learn from other people’s perspective.

2021 Graduate + TA, Ghana
WQU MScFE Program Graduates
student countries of origin are represented
of MScFE graduates would recommend WQU to their peers

Being able to speak with somebody who has real trading experience was a big benefit of the program. Not only did he talk about markets in general, but he even gave us ideas from algorithms he personally created and used successfully as a trader.

2022 Graduate, Greece

The MScFE program not only made me excel in the area of quantitative finance, but also bolstered my career opportunities with very special skills like machine learning, algorithms, portfolio management.

2020 MScFE Graduate, Turkey
of Lab graduates agree that WQU improved their problem-solving skills
currently enrolled in WQU offerings

I would also like to thank WQU and your team for offering such wonderful education at zero cost. On top of knowledge, I've also gained very valuable soft skills such as resilience and perseverance from this course.

2020 MScFE Graduate, Singapore

Why Partner With WQU?

Tenacious Talent

Students who attend WQU are ambitious and adaptive enough to balance completing a rigorous program with their existing responsibilities.

An Innovative Education

WQU’s unique and accredited learning platform constantly evolves to meet the needs of the future global workforce. Students are engaged in an agile and multicultural community of fellow learners.

Future-Proof Learners

Graduates of WQU are ready to apply quantitative problem-solving and global collaboration skills to tackle the challenges industries, communities, and countries face today - and tomorrow.

Become a Partner
"By removing geographical and financial barriers WQU is unleashing the determination of a new cohort of talent looking for global opportunities. Global employers and corporations stand to benefit from the community WQU has built, whether they’re hiring or looking to upskill current employees."
Lydiah Kemunto Bosire
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, 8B Education Investments

What Could You + WQU Accomplish Together?

Student Sponsorship

Build a future talent pipeline

Gain direct access to bright, ambitious minds

Upskill Your Workforce

Co-develop world-class learning modules customized to meet your organization’s needs

Support continuing education for your own top talent

Help Solve Real World Problems

Leverage the WQU global network to solve real-world quantitative and technological problems

Join us in driving real and tangible progress.

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