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Prepare for a Future in the Data Sciences

Our accredited online university, with both a MSc in Financial Engineering program and continuing education Applied Data Science Lab, prepares capable students for distinguished careers in research, strategy, trading, and technology.

Amplify your current position or open up a new world of exciting career opportunities.

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WorldQuant University enables qualified quant learners to grow entirely free of cost by way of our purpose-built learning platform. WQU makes advanced, quality education accessible to capable students everywhere by leveraging technology at scale.

Education is most effective when educators, employers, and students work together to create pathways for mutual success. Technology makes advanced learning locally available across geographies and and looks to connect capable candidates and prospective employers.

Which Offering is Right For Me?

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Master of Science in Financial Engineering (MScFE)

Next Deadline
March 26, 2024
Program Start Date
April 2, 2024
Entirely free
Two years
Application Requirements
Bachelor’s Degree (official transcript)

Proof of English proficiency

Passing score on Quantitative Proficiency Test (75% or higher)
20-25 hours a week
Master of Science in Financial Engineering Degree

Shareable Credly Certification

Financial Engineering is a multidisciplinary field that combines financial theory, mathematics applications, engineering methods, and programming practices. Financial engineers apply mathematical and quantitative methods to financial problems.

Our accredited, two-year online Program offers nine instructor-guided courses and a Capstone project with a unique emphasis on applied learning and collaboration. Students are also given instruction to help them develop the presentation skills needed to succeed in professional business settings. By working together to address real-world problems, our students not only master essential skills but also learn to work effectively and to meet the growing "soft skills" expectation of global employers.

From Python and machine learning to econometric modeling, our students master the skills that modern employers demand.

Two men at a whiteboardTwo men at a whiteboard

Applied Data Science Lab

Next Deadline
Rolling admissions
Lab Start Date
As soon as you're accepted
Entirely free
16 weeks
Applicant Requirements
Beginner-level Python skills

Familiarity with basic statistics

Passing score on Admissions Quiz (66% or higher)
10-15 hours a week
Shareable Credly Certification

The Applied Data Science Lab is a credentialed offering where students tackle real-world meaningful, and complex problems. By completing a series of end-to-end data science projects, they build the wrangling, analysis, model-building, and communication skills to prepare them for success in data-centric careers in both the private and public sectors.

During this self-paced course, students will complete 8 projects that range from exploring housing prices in Mexico to predicting air quality in Kenya. They will work with publicly available datasets, upon which they can develop larger portfolio projects. Each student will gain access to a learning environment in which they will receive real-time feedback on their progress, collaborate with their peers, and attend live sessions with an instructor.

Upon completion, students will be able to query different types of databases, clean messy data, build predictive models for regression and classification, create compelling visualizations for project stakeholders — all while considering the ethical, social, and environmental impact of their work.

Grow your skills today without leaving your home or incurring burdensome debt.

Master’s in Financial Engineering

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Applied Data Science Lab

“The modern marketer, the new human resources professional, the 21st century finance and accounting manager all need to be able to self-manage data and command powerful analytical tools. The phenomenon is widespread. Every major industry is growing its soft-quant and hard-quant workforce.”

At WorldQuant University, all costs are covered with no hidden fees.

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As an accredited not-for-profit dedicated to advancing global education, we know that talent is equally distributed globally, but opportunity is not. We believe all capable and committed students deserve the opportunity to change their lives and to impact their communities.

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Master’s in Financial Engineering

Applied Data Science Lab

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