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WQU CEO discusses Generative AI and the Future

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Generative AI's transformative impact on the world is ongoing, and the shift in how we think about equipping students to participate in tomorrow’s AI-driven economy needs to start now.

WorldQuant University CEO Daphne Kis and Peter Lee, Chairman of the Board of WorldQuant Predictive, recently shared their thoughts on AI, education, and the workforce for the 2023 Milken Institute Asia Summit. Power of Ideas covers technology, health innovation, and other themes set for discussion at this year’s official Milken Institute Asia Summit.

The article, Predictive AI’s Role in Education and Business, explores the intersection of work and education and how collaborative approaches to integrating generative AI can recalibrate so much of our lives. You can read the other articles, which range in subjects from genomics and global trade to optimism in the face of uncertainty at Power of Ideas Summit Collection.

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Workplace Flexibility and Upskilling the Future Workforce at the World Economic Forum

WorldQuant University President Daphne Kis recently traveled to the World Economic Forum in Davos to speak about AI, flexible schedules, and the future of work.

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