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Student Spotlight: Maria Guinda Perez

Photo of student Maria Guinda Perez

As a managing partner and COO, María Guinda Pérez managed over $300 million for one of the first and largest crypto hedge funds in the world. Even with this experience and professional success, María was intrigued when she learned about WorldQuant University’s Master of Science in Financial Engineering. She had been looking for an opportunity to learn about the latest tools in algorithmic trading within a structured, comprehensive offering, and she was delighted to find that WQU’s program had everything she was looking for.

Although at first María was skeptical that a free, online program could offer a world-class learning experience, she quickly discovered that WorldQuant University’s faculty were some of the best and most professional she’d encountered. They had fascinating stories to tell about their own professional experience, and they were always available whenever María came to them with questions.

From the moment María began applying the theoretical knowledge she learned at the beginning of her course in practical ways and building algorithms for real cases, she was thoroughly engaged. Moreover, the Master’s program was challenging. María appreciated how demanding the Program was and the depth to which her coursework explored Financial Engineering. She credits WQU’s Master’s program for showing her that she had the talent and dedication to succeed in her field.

Since completing her Master of Science degree, María is spending more time with the people she loves: her family. The knowledge and skills she developed in the MScFE program have helped María build trading algorithms that give her added flexibility in her work day as well as more time to focus on the people who matter most to her.

María, however, is not yet finished learning. She is excited to build upon the skills and knowledge that she earned with WorldQuant University and apply to a doctoral program. She hopes to one day form her own quantitative fund.

While the Program can sometimes be difficult, she urges future and prospective students to remember that, “The work you have to show at the end of the program will be more than worth the effort. I guarantee it!” However, the most important thing she says is for students to enjoy the trip.

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