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January 18, 2022
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At WorldQuant University, we remain steadfast in our ongoing commitment to updating our curriculum in ways that respond to real market needs and what we’re hearing from employers.

In that pursuit of excellence, we are excited to announce the launch of our new data science offering — the Applied Data Science Lab.

Data Science is the business of looking at real-world data and extracting practical and applicable insights and knowledge. In our Applied Data Science Lab, students will explore real-world datasets that range from exploring housing prices in Mexico to predicting air quality in Kenya all while considering the ethical, social, and environmental implications of their work.

The Lab is a credentialed offering divided into 8 two-week projects and designed to be completed in 16 weeks. In this offering, students tackle real-world, meaningful, and complex problems. Upon completion, students will be able to query different types of databases, clean messy data, build predictive models for regression and classification, and create compelling visualizations for project stakeholders. We designed our Lab so that students leave with the skills to build a professional portfolio they can take into professional settings and interviews.

The Lab is not theoretical. This is how real data scientists work.

Over the course of 16 weeks in the Lab, students complete one project at a time in a prescribed sequence. This project-based structure gives students the opportunity to work with publicly available datasets, upon which they can develop larger portfolio projects. By working in the same environment and using tools that data scientists use, students get first-hand experience with the real world of data science.

We’ve designed the Lab to be accessible no matter where students are. The curriculum is deployed on virtual machines where students receive instant feedback on their work, allowing them to code along while they watch project video lectures, collaborate with colleagues in the forums, and join live sessions with instructors.

After successfully completing the Lab, students earn an easily shareable badge from Credly, the largest and most-connected digital credential network.

We are excited that our new Data Science Lab has generated so much interest, and are working on accommodating everyone who is eligible. If you’d like to join the Lab, please sign up on our waiting list and we will contact you as soon as we can invite you to join.

Learn more about the offering and sign up today!

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