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Student Spotlight: Brian Onyino

June 21, 2021
Students from all over the globe are using WorldQuant University’s 100% online programs to develop in-demand skills to accelerate their careers. Here’s one of their stories.
Student Spotlight: Brian OnyinoStudent Spotlight: Brian Onyino

As someone with a background in financial markets, WorldQuant University graduate Brian Onyino decided to earn his MScFE to improve his quantitative finance skills and better position himself to learn the ever-changing skills required in financial markets. He’s particularly excited to apply what he’s learned to his current career, and is eager to continue with advanced educational opportunities.

Originally from Nairobi, Kenya, Brian was working in financial markets derivative structuring when he started the Master’s program at WQU. He sought to learn skills that would help advance his career, such as specializing in derivatives pricing and exotic product structuring.

Like most WQU students, Brian worked hard to create a balance between his studies, work, and family life. It was WQU's flexible, asynchronous program, which made it possible for him to schedule small time slots for his classes, assignments, and independent study. Brian found that the program’s student diversity, market-relevant courses, and industry-experienced faculty provided him a rich and relevant learning opportunity.

Now living in Cairo, Egypt, Brian is applying his skills to his career. He feels he’s able to better relate theory to practical markets, has improved his programming skills, and is more empowered to further his research and expertise in financial markets. He’s considering pursuing a PhD in computational mathematics, and, in Brian’s words, “further empower my colleagues across Africa as we build our financial markets to be on par with our peers in other regions.”

For students starting the MScFE program, Brian recommends taking advantage of how the course design relates to the practical world, specifically encouraging students to leverage WQU’s expert faculty and rich case study resources. During his time, he found that “irrespective of your limitations, the faculty and student community are always readily able to help you grasp content easily.”

To learn more about WQU’s MScFE program, visit the program page here.

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