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How COVID-19 is ending the stigma of online learning

June 3, 2021
Check out WQU CEO Daphne Kis’ latest post with the World Economic Forum
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Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve seen huge shifts in the way that we live and work, and education is no exception. In education, COVID led to the largest boost in online learning since its inception, and virtually all graduates entering the job market this and last year completed at least part of their degrees online. Online learning is here to stay.

While students and teachers have largely adapted to online learning, it’s time that employers do the same. For too long, remote learning was (wrongly) viewed as second-tier education, despite the fact it teaches in-demand skills like self-reliance and asynchronous collaborative learning and working.

In her latest post with the World Economic Forum, WQU CEO Daphne Kis argues that now is the time for employers to reevaluate the criteria for hiring and take on a new perspective that aligns with our current reality.

Check out the post here.

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