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Student Spotlight: Oluwaseyi Awoga

July 21, 2020
Students from all over the globe are using WorldQuant University’s 100% online programs to develop in-demand skills to accelerate their careers. Here’s one of their stories.

Originally from Lagos, Nigerian-American Oluwaseyi Awoga represents the epitome of excellence in WQU students, having enrolled in both our MScFE program and Data Science Module.

Having previously worked in accounting, Oluwaseyi had always been fascinated with Financial Engineering and its high potential for innovation. He was taking classes here and there when he discovered WQU and our tuition-free MScFE program.
"I’m glad I did because it provides a more structured and organized way for me to study,” Oluwaseyi said. The MScFe program is challenging on its own, but Oluwaseyi wanted to challenge himself further by enrolling in our Data Science Module. “I guess I like to study — it helps me to connect the dots in a way that is not possible or easy otherwise… I also wanted to see what Machine Learning was all about from a practical standpoint and how it can be applied to everyday life — I was glad to discover that it is not just a hype."

Of course, enrolling in both of these programs concurrently is easier said than done. To succeed at WQU, Oluwaseyi says the most important thing is time management and staying on top of your work — "Once you fall behind it is not easy to catch up." Oluwaseyi also recommends that new students use independent sources like Stack Overflow to research topics they have trouble understanding, and always participate in the programs’ respective discussion forums —one of his favorite parts of the program.

Oluwaseyi has completed our Data Science Module with honors and graduated with his MScFE in December 2018. Shortly after, he earned a position at Citibank, with its Qualitative Model Validation Group. He recently authored a chapter on Bond Accounting in a forthcoming book from Oxford University Press, Debt Markets and Investments.

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