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Student Spotlight: Abdulkabir Muhammed

August 14, 2023
An experience that combines theoretical knowledge, practical applications, and collaborative learning opportunities.

Abdulkabir Muhammed was already working as a Derivatives Specialist — and completing two Master’s programs in Mathematics, Finance, and Economics — when he set out to learn more about financial engineering. “I recognized the growing importance of the field of financial engineering and its intersection with mathematics and finance. I wanted to deepen my understanding and expertise in this specialized area to enhance my career prospects and stay at the forefront of industry trends,” said Abdulkabir.

Abdulkabir learned about WQU from a colleague who recommended he apply to the program — they had graduated from the MScFE program, had a positive experience, and gained knowledge and skills valuable to their role. Abdulkabir was especially excited to gain specific skills in derivatives pricing, risk management, and quantitative trading strategies.

Amongst his other commitments, including his full-time job and two other graduate programs, Abdulkabir had to work hard to make time for his studies. In addition to being very careful with time management, he also worked with his employer to set up a flexible schedule and adjust his workload. “Open and transparent communication helped establish mutual expectations and allowed me to strike a balance between my work and academic commitments,” said Abuldabir.

By leveraging the program resources — including lectures, forums, office hours, and more — Abdulkabir “mastered the material, developed essential skills, and prepared [himself] for a successful career in the field of financial engineering.” He appreciated how all the resources facilitated an experience that combined “theoretical knowledge, practical applications, and collaborative learning opportunities.”

Abdulkabir was able to apply the skills he gained in the Program in his work immediately. He’s been able to perform in-depth analyses of financial data and pricing models, evaluate investment opportunities, and assess risk exposure. Overall, he says the precision of his decision-making has improved.

Going forward, Abdulkabir plans to grow his expertise in Quantitative Finance, work in FinTech, and take on leadership roles to drive organizational growth with data-driven insights. Speaking on his experience of the program, he said

“The MScFE program provided access to industry connections, guest lectures, and internship opportunities, which I believed would greatly enhance my networking opportunities and expose me to real-world applications in the financial sector. The program's strong emphasis on practical experience and industry relevance aligned with my career goals and provided a valuable platform for professional growth.”

To learn more about WorldQuant University’s MScFE, visit the program page.

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Student Spotlight: Abdulkabir Muhammed

August 14, 2023

An experience that combines theoretical knowledge, practical applications, and collaborative learning opportunities.

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